Robert Bateman Centre

Nature Sketch Club Series




  • BUDGET: $8,500 - $10,000

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our work is when we have the chance to collaborate with other talented professionals to make a project come to life - but it was an extraordinary pleasure to join forces with one of Canada's most iconic artists, Robert Bateman, to launch a new video series for the gallery that bears his name. 

A recipient of the Order of Canada, Robert has made a career out of capturing the little details that make nature so magnificent. And with the launch of Nature Sketch Club, he is passing along some introductory tips and tricks to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our team was recruited to develop the video series from scratch, starting with a trip to the Bateman homestead on Saltspring Island for an initial brainstorming session with the man himself. Next we visited a number of Robert's favourite sketching spots around Vancouver Island, collecting the on-camera segments that form the lesson part of each clip. We then recruited kids as Nature Sketch Club volunteers to put those lesson plans to work, and show the concepts in practice. 

The final piece of our puzzle was an animated intro that would serve as a unique branding piece for the program. Our team scanned a series of Robert's original sketches into our graphics software before adding a touch of animation and some subtle sound effects, all culminating in a quick little logo that will open each video in the series.

Nature Sketch Club is now running coast-to-coast and live online, and we can't wait for our next chance to step into the Bateman studio and help keep his passion for promotion Canadian art going strong!