Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe

Concept Launch Video




  • BUDGET: $5,000 - $6,000

Anyone who knows our team will know it’s hard for us to pass up a good cup of coffee, so needless to say we were thrilled to get a call from Jim Townley and team at Fresh Cup Cafe who were hoping to create a new brand video for their unique cafe model.

Fresh Cup Cafe is full service coffee and snack bar located within existing grocery outlets in BC , giving shoppers access to fresh coffee roasted on site right within the store. Our task was to show all of the perks offered by the team at Fresh Cup and their coffee roasting technology, Roastaire,  to potential new grocery partners.

Beginning at their Surrey location, our team went behind the counter to see the entire roasting process from start to finish. We also spent time filming at Fresh Cups’ Saanichton location working with their roaster to brew the perfect cup on camera. After collecting interviews, we stepped into the edit suite to weave the story together. Using 3D animation, our team blended the original design files with footage of the Roastaire to show the inner workings of this impressive technology. After a couple of weeks of drooling over the sweet treats and hot drinks on our monitors, the video was complete (along with a shortened sizzle reel for social media) all  in time for the Fresh Cup board to present at a national coffee trade show with excellent results!

Royal BC Museum

Tsimshian Weaver Display




  • BUDGET: $7,000 - $8,000

It's not very often that we have the opportunity to produce a legacy piece - a video that will stand on display for many years within a permanent exhibition. But as part of the Royal BC Museum's ongoing efforts to revitalize the galleries, Tsimshian weaver Willy White (Tsamiianbann) was invited to create a series of traditional dance aprons for the First Peoples Gallery and the museum team gave us the incredible opportunity to document the entire process on video.

Over the course of a single week, we returned to the gallery several times to capture Willy's intricate work unfolding. First and foremost, we carefully arranged our lights to illuminate the scene without an abundance of shadows and flares, and then got down to work behind the camera.

We captured the intimate details of the patterns with a telephoto lens and gave movement to the wider scene using our Kessler Second Shooter, adding a bit of camera movement to enhance the cinematic look of the video.

Then, as work was coming to a close on the Raven's Tail and Chilkat aprons, we sat Willy down for an interview to give us a better understanding of his art and its role within his heritage. 

We also knew this video would be incomplete without seeing the aprons used in a dance sequence - they were designed and woven to move to the beat of a drum and it was an integral piece of the story.

It's a tremendous honour to have our work on display within the walls of this great institution and we couldn't be happier to play our small part in celebrating the culture of BC First Nations.

Learning Centre Feature




  • BUDGET: $8,000 - $10,000

Imagine you are creating a video to fundraise for an upcoming educational facility, but the staff do not yet know the extent of what this facility will include. You are tasked with creating visuals to demonstrate what the public will experience during a visit as well as the resources that will be available to them. This was our challenge during our latest project for the Royal BC Museum’s upcoming Learning Centre, and we had an open slate to work with! So we used our imagination.

The one facet that the staff wanted to stress was the use of relevant technology in this space, so we leveraged existing visuals within the RBCM to create imaginative Learning Centre scenarios.  It was also important for the viewer to be able to visualize an all-inclusive space that not only had technology but hands-on experiences, too.

To bring the architectural design renderings to life, our team utilized PhotoMotion software, which turns 2D images into 3D stages, allowing us the opportunity to add simulated camera movement to photos or sketches. We also worked with the museum staff to stage a number of scenes that give an idea of programs that the new Learning Centre will offer. Another key goal of this video was to showcase all of the potential user groups for the new space - young and old, families and professionals, experts and amateurs.

Now that the video (and various short social media versions) is complete, it is a central part of the museum’s fundraising campaign to help bring this ambitious vision to life.

St. Margaret's School

St. Margaret’s Because...




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,000

While the My Big Dream video was central to the school’s recruitment campaign, our next project with St. Margaret's School focused specifically on their international students. With the goal of highlighting the on and off campus programs available, we spoke with several students from across the globe who currently attend the school.

It was important to highlight not only the academic opportunities, but also the athletic and social elements of being a student at the all-girls school. After speaking with each of our interviewees, we took the time to venture from class to class, documenting the real-life experience inside the walls of St. Margaret’s.

The only way to give potential parents and students an inside look at what they could expect from an education at the school (without a costly flight from abroad) is through the power of video – and this feature sets out to finish the sentence, St. Margaret’s Because...

My Big Dream Campaign




  • BUDGET: $6,500-$8,000

When we first sat down with the team from St. Margaret's School, it was clear that something out of the ordinary was required to highlight the people and programs that make this Victoria girls' school unique. And at the end of the day, we are thrilled with the results from one of our most ambitious projects yet!

The goal was to showcase the opportunity that the school offers for girls from preschool all the way to Grade 12 - so using the Google Women's Day project as inspiration, we set out to create scenes based around one of St. Margaret's slogans, 'My Big Dream Is'.

The school staff then extended the chance to appear in the video to the students, who wrote back with dozens of career and life dreams. Once that list was whittled down to 15 girls, the Roll.Focus. team began brainstorming and location scouting for each scene. Then, we collaborated with St. Margaret's Communications Coordinator (and fantastic artist) Jennifer Cook to sketch out hand-drawn animations for each girl's individual dream. 

After shooting all of the scenes around campus and across Greater Victoria, the real work was in the edit suite where our team spent 15-20 hours animating each of the sketches onto the video footage. After plenty of tweaking and fine-tuning, we landed on a final video that we are immensely proud to show off! 

The piece debuted at St. Margaret's graduation ceremony on June, and both the staff and audience shed a few tears watching the women of tomorrow share their dreams.