behind the scenes

Victoria Symphony

Maestro Christian Kluxen - Vignettes



  • LENGTH: 3 SEGMENTS, one minute each

  • BUDGET: $2,500 - $3,500

There’s a new conductor in town: Maestro Christian Kluxen has been appointed as the new Music Director of the Victoria Symphony, starting in their 2017/2018 season.

Christian, of Copenhagen, Denmark, was in town for the announcement and our team was brought in to create a series of video vignettes to help Victoria get to know him better. A handful of locations around town were chosen to both photograph and capture footage of Christian, including Ross Bay, Ogden Point, the BC Parliament Buildings, and Union Pacific Coffee. And though the weather was drizzly and gray, he couldn’t have been a better sport about the entire afternoon. Whether jumping on the breakwater, laying in seaweed, or wading barefoot into the icy Pacific, Christian kept a smile on his face the entire time.

While the rainy weather was a challenge at times that afternoon, it became so much easier with teamwork. Special shout-outs to the Victoria Symphony team, Jill and Molly, for not only have plastic bags on hand to protect our gear, but for the little details like brand new, dry socks for Christian when we had soaked them. And we couldn’t have done it without our intern, Joe Webster, who was absolutely indispensable helping out that day as we moved from location to location under a tight time frame with a lot of gear to manage.

It was also a pleasure to team up with Kevin Light of Kevin Light Photography and Lara Minja of Lime Design and see them bring their creative vision to life. We were especially left in awe seeing Kevin go that extra mile to get the best vantage point for his shot – namely, in a dry suit, floating in Ross Bay with his camera tucked securely in waterproof housing while he captured unique imagery.

Congratulations to Christian, who we look forward to working with on more projects to come!

Symphony's 75th Anniversary




  • BUDGET: $8,000-$10,000

As part of their platinum anniversary, the Victoria Symphony wanted to create a series of videos to promote their brand both here on Vancouver Island and across the country. 

We set out to create one video that sums up the orchestral experience, and the various venues they have occupied over the years. Our opening shot is thanks to the beautiful pipe organ balcony at Christ Church Cathedral, while we also used elements from concerts at Butchart Gardens, UVIC's Farquhar Auditorium (thanks to Daniel Pender for his excellent shots) and of course, the Symphony's home, the Royal Theatre.

But when it came to the grande finale, we knew we had to leverage the spectacular scenery of Symphony Splash - the annual concert in Victoria's Inner Harbour. So, under the guidance of Transport Canada and NavCanada, we pulled off the most challenging drone flight yet - navigating heavy boat and foot traffic (and the occasional curious seagull) to capture the  stage and the crowd from a never-before-seen vantage point. All in all, it made for the perfect last impression for the promo spot.

The other element of this project included a series of point-of-view vignettes that could be used as teaser videos for upcoming shows and events. We enlisted the help of Symphony conductor Tania Miller, along with timpanist Bill Linwood, to show a behind the scenes look at the moments leading up to the show. Using our AllSteady Pro 6 gimbal, we followed each of our volunteers through their routine from backstage and into the spotlight, and also included a scene from the eyes of an audience member at the Royal Theatre. 

There remains one more video in our series with the Symphony, exploring 75 years of history in the Capital Region. Watch for that clip in Spring 2016!