Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary

40th Anniversary Feature




  • BUDGET: $3,000-$5,000

For many years, one of our favourite places to escape into nature on Southern Vancouver Island has been the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. It's a beautiful little oasis not far from downtown that features a fantastic nature house, and all the bird watching you could ever want. That's why we were thrilled to jump on board and help them create a video to showcase 40 years in the community.

Over the course of two weeks, Executive Producer Mike Walker spent a handful of early mornings and late evenings at the lake, capturing the wildlife images for the video. We then teamed up with Swan Lake's Executive Director Kathleen Burton and a team of volunteer actors to showcase the other elements of the sanctuary - including a trip to the top of Christmas Hill, some fun in the nature house and of course a stroll along the floating boardwalk.

There are a long list of reasons why you should spend a few hours at Swan Lake - but not the least of which is an opportunity to support a great organization that promotes nature and outdoor adventure in Victoria!