Royal BC Museum

Tsimshian Weaver Display




  • BUDGET: $7,000 - $8,000

It's not very often that we have the opportunity to produce a legacy piece - a video that will stand on display for many years within a permanent exhibition. But as part of the Royal BC Museum's ongoing efforts to revitalize the galleries, Tsimshian weaver Willy White (Tsamiianbann) was invited to create a series of traditional dance aprons for the First Peoples Gallery and the museum team gave us the incredible opportunity to document the entire process on video.

Over the course of a single week, we returned to the gallery several times to capture Willy's intricate work unfolding. First and foremost, we carefully arranged our lights to illuminate the scene without an abundance of shadows and flares, and then got down to work behind the camera.

We captured the intimate details of the patterns with a telephoto lens and gave movement to the wider scene using our Kessler Second Shooter, adding a bit of camera movement to enhance the cinematic look of the video.

Then, as work was coming to a close on the Raven's Tail and Chilkat aprons, we sat Willy down for an interview to give us a better understanding of his art and its role within his heritage. 

We also knew this video would be incomplete without seeing the aprons used in a dance sequence - they were designed and woven to move to the beat of a drum and it was an integral piece of the story.

It's a tremendous honour to have our work on display within the walls of this great institution and we couldn't be happier to play our small part in celebrating the culture of BC First Nations.

Learning Centre Feature




  • BUDGET: $8,000 - $10,000

Imagine you are creating a video to fundraise for an upcoming educational facility, but the staff do not yet know the extent of what this facility will include. You are tasked with creating visuals to demonstrate what the public will experience during a visit as well as the resources that will be available to them. This was our challenge during our latest project for the Royal BC Museum’s upcoming Learning Centre, and we had an open slate to work with! So we used our imagination.

The one facet that the staff wanted to stress was the use of relevant technology in this space, so we leveraged existing visuals within the RBCM to create imaginative Learning Centre scenarios.  It was also important for the viewer to be able to visualize an all-inclusive space that not only had technology but hands-on experiences, too.

To bring the architectural design renderings to life, our team utilized PhotoMotion software, which turns 2D images into 3D stages, allowing us the opportunity to add simulated camera movement to photos or sketches. We also worked with the museum staff to stage a number of scenes that give an idea of programs that the new Learning Centre will offer. Another key goal of this video was to showcase all of the potential user groups for the new space - young and old, families and professionals, experts and amateurs.

Now that the video (and various short social media versions) is complete, it is a central part of the museum’s fundraising campaign to help bring this ambitious vision to life.

Spirit 150 Victoria

Week in Review

  • CLIENT: SpIRIT 150




Celebrating 150 years of the country we call home made for one of our most ambitious projects yet, and in the summer of 2017 our entire crew was on deck to pull off the   Spirit 150 celebrations in downtown Victoria!

While our broadcast crew went to work preparing a two-night show from the lawn of the Legislature to entertain thousands in the Canada Day crowd, our production team spent the week exploring the city collecting images and moments from every part of the festivities.

With nightly concerts down at Ship's Point and a host of cultural celebrations throughout the downtown core, there was no shortage of smiles to catch the attention of our lens. Everywhere we looked there was red and white, and an amazing feeling of national pride in the air. It's hard not to appreciate the incredibly diverse tapestry of this country when you take the time to enjoy the talents of just a handful of it's people. 

Our shoot (and video) all culminated in an annual Canada Day tradition in Victoria - the Living Flag. With our drone in the air we had the perfect shot to close out an amazing week of fun, and this wrap up video took centre stage in our Spirit 150 broadcast production, which was watched live by more than 60,000 people in the Inner Harbour and thousands more online. 

Needless to say, Spirit 150 is an event we will forever be proud to have been a part of!

War Canoe Races

  • CLIENT: SpIRIT 150



  • BUDGET: $2,000 - $2,500

Our first major project to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada was capturing the return of traditional First Nations war canoe races to Victoria's Inner Harbour!

More than a century ago many of the local bands would routinely gather to paddle up the Gorge waterway - so event organizers decided to celebrate the history of our diverse community than to reinstate one of the most powerful cultural events you'll ever have to chance to witness.

But the only way to truly appreciate the energy of the rowers (without being in the canoe yourself) is to capture the action from the air. So our team dispatched our DJI Inspire 1 drone to shoot the bulk of this video, complimenting the aerial footage with camera angles both on land and on the water from a safety boat. 

By leveraging the high frame rate shooting capabilities of our production cameras, we were able to collect beautiful slow motion footage of the ceremonial dancers to open the festivities, and then let the power of the war canoes take the show from there.

This final piece was shared hundreds of times online, and also played a central role in our live broadcast production of the Spirit 150 main stage on the Legislature lawn!

Cycling Canada

 Canada Cup Gala Welcome




  • BUDGET: $1,200-$1,500

We don't often pass up the chance to take our cameras into the great outdoors - and that's where we captured most of this footage of the Canadian National Team training in the forests of Greater Victoria last summer.

Teaming up with the crew at Bear Mountain Resort and Cycling Canada, we leveraged some of that library footage of the team to create a welcome video for the 2016 Canada Cup Gala. As the final event of a full weekend of racing, the gala helped raise funds for the national mountain bike teams as they prepare to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this summer!

It's always nice to be able to support local athletes, and you'd better believe we will be keeping tabs on the ladies when they chase the podium in Brazil.