Rock Paper Square

Event Planning Feature




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,500

Marika Beise has solidified a name for herself as a leading event planner and interior designer in British Columbia. As the owner of Rock Paper Square, Marika specializes in styling for weddings, offices, events and organizations, and we wanted to showcase her talents in this promotional video.  

As it turns out, the perfect venue was being used for a party in the Fall of 2015 that Marika was tasked with designing: a murder mystery bash thrown by a local technology firm for its employees at Nourish Kitchen and Cafe. Teaming together with Verbena Floral Design, the entire restaurant was covered in hues of green and purple with accent walls including sheets of a book and mossy signage reading "Murder", while candlelight gleaned around us. The evening's programs were designed by Marika for the event as a part of her services, as well. 

There was no shortage of shots to capture as Marika, the Verbena Floral and Nourish gals teamed together to make the restaurant a visual feast for the guests who would arrive shortly and be drawn into the story.

Brewery & The Beast

Calgary Wrap Up




  • BUDGET: $1,500-$2,500

Our team hit the road in August for ourt first prairie shoot at Brewery & the Beast Calgary. The event originated in Victoria in 2012 as a celebration of all things meat, Phillips beer and music, before spreading across the Strait to Vancouver, and now over the Rockies to Calgary. And what a festival it was - Albertans definitely know a thing or two about meat!

The weather and venue couldn’t have been more perfect - a warm, sunny day beaming down on Pumphouse Park, nestled between Calgary’s Roundhouse Theatre and the Bow River. We made the most of our AllSteady Pro gimbal to give the view a point-of-view impression of the event, while recording the live music from Electric Timber Company on our trusty ZoomH4. There's nothing better than capturing the audio right from the source for an event like this!

Our team had a lot of fun capturing the mood of the event all in to a two minute package - and were thrilled to come back and showcase the fourth edition of the Victoria event in September!