Bear Mountain Resort

Wine Cellar & Tennis Court Vignettes

  • CLIENT: Bear Mountain Resort



  • BUDGET: $1,500 - $2,000

While Bear Mountain Resort has already achieved world fame for it's Nicklaus designed golf courses, the Ecoasis team has much more on the go. And to help showcase the other amenities atop the mountain, we stepped in to produce a pair of short web vignettes. 

Beginning in the base of the hotel complex, we had the chance to explore the annals of the wine cellar, which features some amazing tasting and food packages. The one challenge from our perspective was the lighting, or lack thereof! But with the help of our trusty (and carefully hidden) LED light panels, we were able to bring up the ambient brightness in the room just enough to ensure we'd come away with top quality footage. 

The other half of the project took us outside to the newly completed clay tennis courts, where it was time to let the beautiful morning light take over. With our models all geared up, we shot a number of high energy scenes to match our music and give the video a driving pace. We also leveraged some subtle natural sound effects throughout the clip to really draw the viewer in!

With a full marketing campaign now underway for these clips, we plan to be back on the mountain in the new year for a fresh series of resort vignettes!

Guardians of the Green

  • CLIENT: Bear Mountain Resort



  • BUDGET: $6,500 - $8,500

With a new golf season about to tee off, the brass at Bear Mountain Resort reached out to us with hopes of creating a promotional video that was a little different from your usual fare. Most of us are used to seeing the perfect polished greens and laser-cut fairways on Bear Mountain’s pair of Jack Nicklaus golf courses, but a rare few know how they get that way. For this campaign, we decided to go behind the scenes with the grounds crew, who we dubbed the ‘Guardians of the Green.’

We set out with a plan to shoot three mornings at the resort, featuring course superintendent Chris Ainey as our central figure. The first morning we arrived more than an hour before sunrise to scout our locations and capture interviews with Chris and a couple of long-time members, setting the stage for a busy day two.

With the perfect early morning light on our side, the second day consisted of shadowing the grounds crew right from the morning meeting to the cutting, trimming, rolling, blowing and mowing that fills their day. It’s no easy task  to cover more than 500 acres and 36 holes each day, and our team was definitely on the move to get everything we needed before golfers set out onto the course.

Day three was our opportunity to collect the jaw-dropping aerial drone shots that accentuate this video. As we moved from hole to hole, we also took the chance to capture the wildlife and more scenic elements of the course, including the stunning sunrise shot that opens the final video.

Once back at the studio, our editors crafted the story of a day tending to the courses and utilized some great footage from our colleague Dave Wallace at Riptide Studios to help showcase the PGA Champions Tour stop at Bear Mountain, the Pacific Links Championship.

We’re thrilled with the final result on this project, and hope that next time you have the chance to play a round you’ll take a moment to thank the team that keeps the course looking so stellar.