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Tally-Ho Carriage Tours

Downtown Tours & Farm Feature

  • CLIENT: TALLY-HO Carriage Tours



  • BUDGET: $5,500 - $6,000

We were quite excited when we were contacted by Donna from Tally-Ho Carriage Tours, who was looking to feature her company in two ways: first, a look at their tours that everyone can experience, and secondly, an in depth feature on their Hidden Acres horse farm where these beautiful creatures return to each night.

Pretty pictures were not a difficult task to achieve with the Tally-Ho tours highlights feature - you can't go wrong with beautiful horses combined with Victoria’s jaw-dropping scenery and architecture, and visitors who get to experience both will not be disappointed. The best time to capture these visuals was in the soft light of the evening, and the most challenging aspect of this shoot was managing the traffic - the horse and carriages deserved the spotlight without a Volkswagen driving through!

For the farm feature, it was an early shoot to catch that first golden light of day and the Tally Ho horses’ morning routine. We were there to capture their typical day - frolicking with their friends, eating their breakfast, while those who were designated to the morning tour shift got groomed and ready to go. Those who stayed behind often had time for some training which was both fascinating and entertaining to see.

As horse and carriage tours can sometimes be a controversial subject, one point that we wanted to make clear with this video was how well these animals are cared for, and as Kate puts it, their need to work to stay healthy both mentally as well as physically. It was easy to portray this message, for you could clearly see each horse’s personality shining through each day - including one sassy mare who loudly kicked the wooden fence until her breakfast was served.

We loved getting to know the team - both human and horse - at Tally-Ho, and encourage you to head down to the corner of Belleville and Menzies to meet them yourself!