Ocean River Sports

Gulf Island Tour




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,000

With a new season in full swing, Ocean River Sports asked our team to head back onto the water and capture their newest kayak tour option, an amazing weekend paddle through the Gulf Islands.

Our full-day shoot began with a quick 40 minute boat ride from Sidney across to Saturna Island, where members of the Ocean River staff were already on the midst of their pre-season training camp. We pulled into a beautiful sandy beach on an islet near the east side of the Island, and immediately jumped to work shooting the paddlers prepping their kayaks for the first leg of the trip.

Once the boats were in the water, we took to the air with our drone to collect some breathtaking  images of the group alongside the rugged Saturna coastline. Then we were back in the boat ourselves to get an ocean-level vantage point of these experienced paddlers in their element, traversing tidal rapids and a variety  of water conditions throughout the trip.

Once pieced together back in editing, we compiled this video to serve as a sales tool on the Ocean River website, while also finding a purpose at trade and tourism shows across North America.

Adventure Experience




  • BUDGET: $3,500-$4,000

With the spring sunshine arriving on the west coast, our friends at Ocean River Sports & Adventures wanted to capture the experience of paddling in Victoria's Inner Harbour and around the Salish Sea. So we set out to collect drone aerials and additional on-the-water footage to compliment some shots from their existing video library, and weave it all together with some insight from the tour guides themselves.

As always, the most complicated aspect of our shoots are the aerials using our DJI Inspire 1 drone. With the guidance of both Transport Canada and NavCanada, we were able to identify safe take off and landing locations, along with appropriate windows of time to shoot a group of kayakers padding in both the Selkirk waterway and the Inner Harbour. 

As a bonus, with the help of Ocean River owner Brian Henry and his boat (the Ocean Rose), we were able to capture beautiful shots alongside the paddlers as they navigated between our two aerial locations.

Now we're planning our next project with the Ocean River team - a series of vignettes on their various tours which will begin with a fun day trip to Saturna Island! Stay tuned to our Instagram feed for more behind-the-scenes images!