Robert Bateman Centre

Bird’s Eye View




  • BUDGET: $2,000 - $3,000

With the 100th anniversary of the Victoria Harbour Bird Sanctuary quickly approaching, the Bateman Centre team has developed a travelling exhibit to celebrate the history of avian life in British Columbia. The project features informational displays and photography, plus a showcase video that weaves together some of our favourite drone footage from the past few years!

The task for our crew was to create a piece that showcased our province from a “bird’s eye view”. Without an interview or voiceover to carry the story collecting authentic audio clips would also be an integral part of the edit (since the drone doesn’t record any sound).

So our editors went to work, mining our archive for aerial footage from across BC to weave into one overarching story. Then, with a few shots of local wildlife life interspersed, we collected the individual shots into scenes from a variety of environments - coastal, mountain, urban and even farmland.

After carefully mixing our sound and animating the Bird’s Eye View logo, this completed piece was ready to head out on tour!

Nature Sketch Club Series




  • BUDGET: $8,500 - $10,000

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our work is when we have the chance to collaborate with other talented professionals to make a project come to life - but it was an extraordinary pleasure to join forces with one of Canada's most iconic artists, Robert Bateman, to launch a new video series for the gallery that bears his name. 

A recipient of the Order of Canada, Robert has made a career out of capturing the little details that make nature so magnificent. And with the launch of Nature Sketch Club, he is passing along some introductory tips and tricks to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our team was recruited to develop the video series from scratch, starting with a trip to the Bateman homestead on Saltspring Island for an initial brainstorming session with the man himself. Next we visited a number of Robert's favourite sketching spots around Vancouver Island, collecting the on-camera segments that form the lesson part of each clip. We then recruited kids as Nature Sketch Club volunteers to put those lesson plans to work, and show the concepts in practice. 

The final piece of our puzzle was an animated intro that would serve as a unique branding piece for the program. Our team scanned a series of Robert's original sketches into our graphics software before adding a touch of animation and some subtle sound effects, all culminating in a quick little logo that will open each video in the series.

Nature Sketch Club is now running coast-to-coast and live online, and we can't wait for our next chance to step into the Bateman studio and help keep his passion for promotion Canadian art going strong!

The Cridge Centre

Respitality Services




  • BUDGET: $3,000-$4,000

We feel pretty fortunate to be entrusted by The Cridge Centre for the Family to showcase all the amazing work that they do, and as a result, meet all the amazing people doing it.

We had never heard of the Cridge Respitality Service when they first introduced it to us, and now, we want everyone to know about it. Why? Because it provides parents and guardians of a child with special needs  some much-deserved rest and rejuvenation. 

To show how the program works, we visited the home of Rachel and her two children, Devyn and Jordyn, to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what their daily life is like as a family experiencing special needs. Then, with thanks to Cridge partner Abigail's Hotel, we were able to capture the program in its essence - Rachel and a friend enjoying the amenities that a night away from home brings.

Our stories wouldn't be nearly as powerful unless we heard from the participants themselves. This video truly showcases who they are, how they handle stress with grace, and how important a program like this is for them and their families.

Seniors' Services




  • BUDGET: $3,000-$3,500

We have worked on many projects with The Cridge Centre for the Family, but none has been quite as enjoyable as our video for the Seniors' Services program. Early on we decided that hearing the stories of the residents themselves would best paint the picture of life at the Cridge, and letting their personalities shine through couldn't have been a better choice!

Over the course of a full day, we both interviewed our selected residents and then stepped into their world for a brief moment. For Richard, an avid artist, that simply meant working in his beautiful studio space to highlight the amazing rooms offered by The Cridge. Marcia invited us along to lunch to showcase the social element of living on the property (not to mention the fantastic food), while Donna and Walter took some time to interact with children from daycare program to show just one of the many activities seniors have access to when living on site.

Through those simple little scenes, we were able to touch on each of the core elements of the Seniors' Services in a more subtle tone than a traditional commercial - a perfect example of using effective storytelling to advertise a service!

Brain Injury Services - Meals Program




  • BUDGET: $3,500-$4,000

Our latest project with The Cridge Centre for the Family ent outside the bounds of the facility itself, showcasing the Brain Injury Services (BIS) Meals Program, which helps survivors through training and employment opportunities in the food sector.

For this story, we chose to profile two of the program's members - both of whom suffered a traumatic brain injury in their youth. Now both Alicia and Matt are actively working in the community, and we caught up with them on the job to help illustrate their success.

From the Oaklands Bible Chapel kitchen to the cafeteria at Pacific Christian School and the Oaklands Sunset Market, our crew spent several weeks documenting the various elements of the Meals Program, and then weaved the scenes together in editing to create a cohesive and visually dynamic piece.

It is always a tremendous pleasure to tell such personal stories, and see the grace with which these survivors are overcoming challenges and making a positive impact on the world around them - something that is just a way of life at The Cridge.

Transition House for Women




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,500

Another in the long list of remarkable services offered by the Cridge Centre for the Family is their Transition House for Women, which offers a safe place for women who are suffering abuse at home. The staff asked us to develop a video that would showcase the profound benefits of their program, while also respecting the sensitive environment that they operate within.

After a brainstorming session and much discussion, we worked with the Cridge to identify a past survivor who would be willing to share their story on-camera with us. It’s not a simple  request to make – asking someone to open their personal lives to help demonstrate the benefits of a program – but from the moment we first met Jeannie and her boys, it was evident that the impact of her time with the Cridge was an invaluable part of her journey.  

We spent an afternoon at the Transition House to capture interviews and some scenes with the women and staff using the Centre’s resources – from counselling services to meal and social programs. Clearly the emotion of the story is central to the piece, but we were careful to also highlight the positive side of the Women’s Transition House and the role it can play in helping women from across Vancouver Island take the next step in their lives.

Every day we are astounded by the good work that happens with the walls of the The Cridge Centre for the Family, and sincerely hope that our videos help expand the services that they offer each and every day.

Brain Injury Services - Employment Program




  • BUDGET: $3,000-$3,500

We’ve been fortunate to work with The Cridge Centre on various projects for over a year now, but one thing that never fails to surprise us is how much they always have on the go, and how far their services extend into the greater community.

Such is the case with The Brain Injury Services (BIS) program, which was established in 1991. BIS provides supportive housing for survivors of brain injury in Greater Victoria complemented by services that provide a continuum of care, support and opportunity. 

One survivor that went through the BIS program over a period of fifteen years is Brian Loof. Brian, a diabetic alcoholic, fell and hit his head one evening in his living room and went into a diabetic coma. Once he came to, he had lost five to seven years of his short-term memory as well as so many essential skills, from eating to bathing. It was a long road back - from being in the hospital for a year, to the Cridge’s Macdonald House, to Mary Cridge Manor, to finally living on his own again. With so much hard work from Brian, the Cridge staff, and his family, it was awesome for us to see just how far they had come and share his journey.

When telling a story of the past, it can be limiting to translate it to video without the use of reenactments, so we deployed the use of old photos to assist. Additionally, we effectively took Brian back to the past with a visit to Macdonald House to show us where he had spent so many years of his life, and how that time shaped his life today. It is always helpful to use secondary voices to help tell Brian’s story, so we interviewed his mother Dorothy and BIS Manager Geoff, who both did a fantastic job of supplementing Brian’s story. Lastly, as we didn’t have images to tell the story of his hospital recovery, we went searching for the closest set of ambulance lights to put into effect. Sometimes when your options are limited, it’s time to get creative!

Nature Preschool




  • BUDGET: $2,000-$2,500

Our second adventure with the team (and the kids) at The Cridge Centre came with summer in full swing, and preparations well underway for the new school year. The goal was to create a video that showcased a typical day at Nature Preschool - the first program of its kind in Victoria, offering kids the chance to connect to the environment while learning about the world around them.

While much of the program is hosted on The Cridge property in their lovely Garry Oak meadow, it was also important to showcase one of the many field trips offered in the preschool. With their oh-so-adorable matching jackets, the group set out for Beaver Lake to spend the morning chatting with horses and building elaborate stick homes in the woods. 

There's clearly no shortage of imagination in those little minds, and it was a very special opportunity to capture some of those moments on camera. As always with kids, sometimes it's best to just hit record and let them do their thing.

SunFun Program




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,000

This spring we joined forces with the team at The Cridge Centre for the Family to help promote their SunFun summer camp. It's a program that allows kids to explore the beautiful forests, beaches and parks across the Capital Region - and we wanted to ensure we captured as much of that experience as possible in the video!

We began our story at The Cridge Centre itself, with the kids loading onto the bus and setting off for a day of adventure at Mount Douglas Park. And it wasn't long before the young kids made their way to the beach for a morning filled with games and activities, while the older group split off to tackle the hike to the top of the hill.

Cute kids are always a guarantee in the realm of video - and in this case, the children were an absolute blast to work with, allowing our crew to get into the thick of their games with our TurboAce Allsteady Pro 6 gimbal or peeking over their shoulder for our favourite scene (the daisy chains)!

On this project, we also implemented one of our Digital Marketing Plans which helped take the organic views on Facebook from 6,000 to more than 25,000 in the span of a month! 

Now we embark on a second video with The Cridge, highlighting their Nature Preschool - watch for that clip this fall! 

World Fisheries Trust

Seaquaria Program 




  • BUDGET: $1,500-$2,500

This spring, we had the pleasure of working with World Fisheries Trust and learning about their Seaquaria in Schools program.

Seaquaria brings local marine life into grade school classrooms to let students get up close and personal with some of their aquatic neighbours. It places permanent saltwater tanks in schools across the province to bring captivating, ever-changing marine ecosystems into students' everyday lives.

Our shoot took us to three separate locations to capture the Seaquaria process from start to finish: with the divers scooping small sea life in their nets at Ogden Point, the beach along Dallas Road as the kids got a look at their new aquatic friends, and back in the classrooms where they had the opportunity to learn about them.

The two schools featured in this instance included James Bay Community School and Tillicum Elementary School, which each took an abundance of new sea creatures under their wing to care for, including star fish, sea cucumbers, crabs, barnacles, etc.

Being serious lovers of the ocean ourselves, it was a no brainer to get involved with showcasing how enriching the Seaquaria program is for kids. It was privilege to get to experience it ourselves – even for a short amount of time – and see its impact for generations to come.

Rugby Canada

Rookie Rugby Tutorials



  • Schedule: 12 WEEKS

  • BUDGET: $15,000-$20,000

Our latest endeavour with Rugby Canada was the development of a complete training series for their Rookie Rugby program - aimed at helping kids and coaches fine tune their skills on the pitch! In all the project called for 25 individual videos, showcasing different aspects of the game and skill techniques to go with them. 

Perhaps it's fitting that one of our largest projects also required a cross-country trip, with filming set to take place in Toronto. So our team packed up the gear and hopped on a flight to set up an ambitious on-day shoot that would capture every piece of footage (hopefully) for the series...

With the invaluable help of the Rugby Canada and USA Rugby staff, we built out complete scripts along with a shoot plan to keep everyone organized. And like clockwork, our team worked with the kids and coaches to complete the drills one-by-one, ensuring we had all of the angles covered by placing one camera on a boom for a bird's eye view! Using the slo-motion capabilities of our gear, we were able to record every frame of the play to give us flexibility in post-production.

Once in editing, we carefully followed the script to highlight the key facets of each drill, and used some custom-designed graphics to call out the important learning points throughout. While it makes for a slow and meticulous process to ensure every video is a perfect portrait of proper technique, we're always happy to take the time to do the job right.

You can take a look at more videos in the series over on the Rookie Rugby website!

PlaySmart Campaign



  • Schedule: 10 weeks

  • BUDGET: $4,000-$5,000

It’s no secret that rugby is one of the toughest games on the planet, demanding the best of its athletes both physically and mentally. But with concussions very much in the spotlight, and player welfare always at the top of mind for coaches and officials, Rugby Canada has revamped their PlaySmart program – and asked us to create a video that introduces the program to an online audience.

Once we developed the script in collaboration with Rugby Canada staff, our team attended a number of community games, training  sessions and international events (including the Canada Sevens World Series stop in Vancouver) to capture all of the people who hold a stake in player safety – from players young and old to fans and referees. That meant maintaining a consistent look and feel across a number of different venues, while also helping our interviewees understand the context of their lines to help the final product flow.

In editing, we ensured the pace was quick and lively while also delivering a message that is paramount to all involved in the sport. This piece points users to a website that offers training tips, injury prevention and concussion awareness information that will help Canadian players (and those abroad, as well) to play safe and PlaySmart.

Rookie Rugby Promo




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,500

With the HSBC Women's Rugby Sevens in full swing at Westhills Stadium in Langford, the team at Rugby Canada invited us to capture the action during the intermissions, where kids from across the capital region were showing off a new youth program - Rookie Rugby. It wasn't difficult to build off of the energy in the park, and that made for the perfect environment for this promo shoot.

We really wanted to convey the fun the kids were having during the game, and knew that the best way was to hop right into the middle of the action! While most of our shoots require a bit of a workout, chasing the kids around the pitch at WestHills Stadium with our AllSteady Pro gimbal was cardio training to the max. 

Kids also present a whole new set of challenges when it comes to interviews, but we chatted with a half dozen of the players as soon as they got off the field, and their reviews of Rookie Rugby were glowing. It's a great chance to learn the basics, grow their skill sets and make some friends.

The national team athletes spoke just as highly about the flag football program, and it's clear that the next generation of rugby players in this country will be on the right track with Rookie Rugby.

Training Centre Capital Campaign

  • CLIENT: Rugby Canada

  • SERVICE: Video Production

  • LENGTH: Approx. 2 Minutes

  • BUDGET: $3,000-$4,000

We teamed up with the national rugby program to help raise funds for their plan to construct a training facility adjacent to the Rugby Canada office in Langford. The goal was to outline the growth of the program over the past five years, and how such a building would propel the organization on to even greater stages in the years ahead.

In a brief window between matches and training, we borrowed the services of Harry Jones, Justin Douglas, Brittany Benn & Bianca Farella to show us what it's like to be in the middle of the action. We spend a hot summer after running around the pitch at Westhills Stadium, capturing various training routines with the help of our AllSteady Pro 6 gimbal. We also attended a couple of on-field and off-field training sessions with the entire team to add a little extra energy to the clip.

Then we captured aerial images of the facility site with our DJI Inspire 1 drone, and used Google SketchUp and After Effects to overlay the planned mockup from de Hoog & Kierulf.

With a few game highlights to add one final blast of energy, we polished off this piece that will be leveraged at pitches and presentations across the country on the road to construction!