Victoria Property Specialists Group

Business Feature




  • BUDGET: $1,500-$2,500

 We love having the opportunity to work with local realtors in town and Victoria Property Specialists Group (VPSG) was the first company within this industry to approach us about a video feature.

On a sunny summer morning we went to the home of VPSG owners Ronan and Brenda and, along with their colleague Michelle, demonstrated their work with both new and experienced homeowners and the services which they provide.

Videography and real estate go hand in hand since there is a lot of staging involved to create the perfect shot as well as buyers’ first impressions. For the bright outdoor shots, we had to utilize our sun filter that our trusty production assistant Alex had the task of holding up, while we brought out our dolly wheels for the strolling hallway shots as an alternative to using our AllSteady Pro Gimbal.

And though it was not used for this particular feature, having the DJI Inspire 1 as an additional service we provide creates more diversity for real estate agents showcasing their properties, so let us know if this is a tool you’re interested in utilizing after seeing the example below!