Parkland Secondary School

School Showcase

  • CLIENT: parkland secondary



  • BUDGET: $2,500 - $3,000

It's rare that we have the opportunity to work with Greater Victoria's public school system, but the staff at Parkland Secondary in North Saanich reached out to us to help showcase all the options they offer, including the new International Baccalaureate program, as part of a campaign to boost enrollment. 

We quickly elected to use students and staff as the voice of the video, describing all of the elements that make Parkland unique. With such a wide variety of activities and clubs to choose from, the challenge was deciding what to include in our two minute window of opportunity. From a dynamic drama program to athletics such as hockey, judo and sailing academies - getting good visual elements was never going to be a problem at Parkland. 

Over the course of two weeks we made a number of trips to the campus, shooting the bits and pieces that would eventually form the structure of our video. With the help of the NavCanada crew at Victoria Internationl Airport, we were also able to include some stunning drone aerials of the school and nearby Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club.

But the final shot of the video was the most challenging of all... at least, mentally. It meant scaling an enormous wooden ladder to rig our camera to the cable raceway above the school's lobby. Once our equipment was secured in place, we set the camera to take a timelapse image every 5 seconds over the course of an hour, capturing students as they filed out of class at the end of the day.

With the school logo front and centre for the closing image of the video, our project was complete - an upbeat look at all of the elements that make Parkland one of Victoria's hidden gems.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Victoria

Raising the Grade

  • CLIENT: Boys & Girls Club



  • BUDGET: $1,500 - $2,000

We have a soft spot for programs that work hard to help kids, and so when our friend Tyler Olson of the Boys and Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria asked if we could produce a video promoting their Raising the Grade program, we didn't hesitate to get involved and we were happy that they would have us.

The Raising the Grade program is an after-school education program for Youth in Grades 6 to 12 that runs out of the Kaare Norgaard Boys and Girls Club located in Central Saanich. This interactive program allows youth to get homework help, meet new people, and explore options for their future. We also produced a message from BC NDP Leader (turned Premier) John Horgan, who used to work at BGCVIC, below.

Our aim was to showcase how beneficial this program is for youth so that they could receive the funds necessary to keep it going. The video, which features a variety of kids and staff impacted by this program, was unveiled at the 2017 Mad Hatter's Ball which was one of the best fundraisers we've ever attended and would strongly encourage everyone to come out next year.

Amanda and friends Tara-Lee and Andrea at the ball!

Amanda and friends Tara-Lee and Andrea at the ball!

St. Margaret's School

St. Margaret’s Because...




  • BUDGET: $2,500-$3,000

While the My Big Dream video was central to the school’s recruitment campaign, our next project with St. Margaret's School focused specifically on their international students. With the goal of highlighting the on and off campus programs available, we spoke with several students from across the globe who currently attend the school.

It was important to highlight not only the academic opportunities, but also the athletic and social elements of being a student at the all-girls school. After speaking with each of our interviewees, we took the time to venture from class to class, documenting the real-life experience inside the walls of St. Margaret’s.

The only way to give potential parents and students an inside look at what they could expect from an education at the school (without a costly flight from abroad) is through the power of video – and this feature sets out to finish the sentence, St. Margaret’s Because...

My Big Dream Campaign




  • BUDGET: $6,500-$8,000

When we first sat down with the team from St. Margaret's School, it was clear that something out of the ordinary was required to highlight the people and programs that make this Victoria girls' school unique. And at the end of the day, we are thrilled with the results from one of our most ambitious projects yet!

The goal was to showcase the opportunity that the school offers for girls from preschool all the way to Grade 12 - so using the Google Women's Day project as inspiration, we set out to create scenes based around one of St. Margaret's slogans, 'My Big Dream Is'.

The school staff then extended the chance to appear in the video to the students, who wrote back with dozens of career and life dreams. Once that list was whittled down to 15 girls, the Roll.Focus. team began brainstorming and location scouting for each scene. Then, we collaborated with St. Margaret's Communications Coordinator (and fantastic artist) Jennifer Cook to sketch out hand-drawn animations for each girl's individual dream. 

After shooting all of the scenes around campus and across Greater Victoria, the real work was in the edit suite where our team spent 15-20 hours animating each of the sketches onto the video footage. After plenty of tweaking and fine-tuning, we landed on a final video that we are immensely proud to show off! 

The piece debuted at St. Margaret's graduation ceremony on June, and both the staff and audience shed a few tears watching the women of tomorrow share their dreams.