World Fisheries Trust

Seaquaria Program 




  • BUDGET: $1,500-$2,500

This spring, we had the pleasure of working with World Fisheries Trust and learning about their Seaquaria in Schools program.

Seaquaria brings local marine life into grade school classrooms to let students get up close and personal with some of their aquatic neighbours. It places permanent saltwater tanks in schools across the province to bring captivating, ever-changing marine ecosystems into students' everyday lives.

Our shoot took us to three separate locations to capture the Seaquaria process from start to finish: with the divers scooping small sea life in their nets at Ogden Point, the beach along Dallas Road as the kids got a look at their new aquatic friends, and back in the classrooms where they had the opportunity to learn about them.

The two schools featured in this instance included James Bay Community School and Tillicum Elementary School, which each took an abundance of new sea creatures under their wing to care for, including star fish, sea cucumbers, crabs, barnacles, etc.

Being serious lovers of the ocean ourselves, it was a no brainer to get involved with showcasing how enriching the Seaquaria program is for kids. It was privilege to get to experience it ourselves – even for a short amount of time – and see its impact for generations to come.