Tourism Victoria

IMPACT Conference




  • BUDGET: $4,000 - $4,500

It's no secret that Victoria is a forward-thinking community when it comes to sustainability, and that certainly extends to the tourism industry on the west coast as well. Which is why Tourism Victoria and local partners Synergy Enterprises, Beattie Tartan Integrated Communications and Starrboard Enterprises have banded together to create the IMPACT Sustainability & Travel Tourism Conference.

With the inaugural event just around the corner, organizers asked us to put together a preview of the event, which featured each of the key voices combined with a mix of our own archival footage and other shots from the Destination Canada database.

It was essential to sell this event on the impact it can have going forward - where the local tourism industry has the opportunity to lead positive change in environmental responsibility. 

Our favourite part of this video happens to be the final title screen (which isn't often the case)! But with some brilliant footage of the northern lights from Nunavut, we were able to find a creative way to play on the conference's colour scheme - and allow the aurora to shine through the final text. 

Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference, and hopefully the first event of its kind in this country will be the start of something big!

Travel Trade Campaign




  • BUDGET: $3,500 - $4,000

One of the key roles Tourism Victoria plays in our local economy is attracting visitors from around the world to our little corner of Canada. Central to that mandate is attending conferences and trade shows to encourage tour operators to add Vancouver Island to their itinerary.

As part of that effort, the Tourism Victoria team asked us to create a video that would inform and excite even the industry veterans about the potential this city has to offer. For several weeks we crafted and amended the script until it was a perfect fit for the task at hand, outlining not only the attractions but the hotel and transportation options as well. Then our crew set out to capture all of the beautiful images the job required, knowing that we already had a few key pieces in our archives.

Once back in the edit suite, we leveraged shots from past projects with a number of Tourism Victoria members along with our collection of new content to create a quick and punchy video that staff will use in both presentation and one-on-one encounters with tourism industry professionals.

This version of the campaign video is an update of another piece we produced in 2016, with more of a consumer focus:

Membership Campaign




  • BUDGET: $3,000 - $3,500

Throughout the city and across Vancouver Island you’ll find hundreds of businesses who stand as members of Tourism Victoria. With summer approaching and a new membership campaign on the horizon, we began developing a video to highlight the benefits of joining the program.

Nearly every company in Victoria relies on the tourism industry in one way or another, and it was critical to outline both the business and social benefits of membership in this video. From placement in marketing materials and opportunities for media exposure to monthly mixers with key players in the field, the goal was to capture all aspects of the benefits.

Our team visited a variety of member operations (both small and large) and spoke with a number of business owners at a mixer at the beautiful Sea Cider on the Saanich Peninsula , where the reviews were unanimous – membership with Tourism Victoria delivers.

The Royal Tour





Amanda’s 12-year-old-girl dreams came true when a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was announced for September in Victoria - especially when three of Roll.Focus.’ clients including Tourism Victoria, Harbour Air and The Cridge Centre for the Family wished for them to capture the excitement over the course of the royal couple’s week long visit.

With filming Will and Kate’s visit to each designated location, including the Inner Harbour, Vancouver’s Harbour Air terminal, Victoria International Airport and the Cridge Centre, teamwork was essential. Each media zone was packed with journalists and more, so it was essential for Amanda, Mike and our production assistant Owen to split and up and stake a spot to capture it all - hurry up and wait, as they say, in both sunshine and rain!

After hours of waiting, showtime for each location would be over in a matter of minutes before the Duke and Duchess moved on to their next location. It was a constant cycle of capturing the video, wading through the legions of fans, then getting the footage back to the editing suite as quickly as possible for a quick turnaround of a same-day highlight reel for each client. The end result was worth it, with nearly 200,000 organic views for our clients’ combined social media accounts where the videos were shared.

And, the week of shoots certainly came with adventure - Owen, for one, certainly couldn’t forget running through the streets of downtown Vancouver to purchase a new SD card when he was almost bowled over by none other than Justin Trudeau cycling through the streets with Sophie and his security closely behind him. 

It was a lot of work but also an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun for our team. Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity again one day to see the royal couple, whether or not through the lens!

See the videos we produced for Harbour Air and the Cridge Centre for the Family below:

Holiday Highlights




  • BUDGET: $1,500 - $2,000

Throughout the year Tourism Victoria is always collecting images and video to be used both internally and also by media organizations from around the world. With the holiday season approaching, we were asked to spend a few weeks bouncing around town collecting festive footage to add to the online library.

From the annual Santa Claus parades in both Victoria and Sidney, to the beautiful Festival of Trees at The Bay Centre and of course the decor lining the iconic BC Legislature, there's no shortage of pretty pictures to be had during Christmas in Victoria. 

With a full selection of scenes to choose from, we put together this little holiday montage to celebrate the season!

'Beyond Words' Campaign




  • BUDGET: $2,000-$2,500

If you're looking for a quick way to capture your customer's attention while staying creative, there's a good chance vignettes will be a fit for you. Typically, videos have no more than five seconds to capture their audience's attention before being skipped, so why not get your message across as soon as possible?

Tourism Victoria is always looking for new ways to engage with potential visitors to their destination, and this year their answer was more creative online content for their website. In spirit of their spring campaign theme of "Victoria Beyond Words", we were tasked with creating vignettes that capture unique, firsthand experiences across the city: Extreme Hogfestation (Food & Drink – Nourish Kitchen & Cafe), Coniferous Immersification (Hiking – Mount Douglas Park), Epic Funnerosity (Attractions & Things to Do – Royal BC Museum), Splasherific Gawkerism (Whale Watching & Water Activities – Eagle Wing Tours), Therapeutic Shopilation (Shopping – Chinatown) and Megatronic Playfullism (Comics & Games stores – Cherry Bomb Toys).

Throughout each of these videos, sound was a major component to allow the viewer to feel as if they were in the heart of the action. For these shoots, we used our Sennheiser boom microphone just out frame to get in close and capture the audible moments. The sound of spoon stirring a cup of tea, of an orca breathing, of the birds singing in the trees - these, as well the sights and smells that accompany them - are all things a visitor to Victoria can experience.

'Feel The Spirit' Campaign




  • BUDGET: $1,00-$1,500

The brainstorming of video concepts is just as exciting for the Roll.Focus. team as executing them. You know what is even more exciting? Brainstorming video concepts for one of our favourite holidays - Halloween! In this instance, we wanted to showcase why Victoria is so well known as BC’s Haunted Capital. (hint: it involves lots and lots of ghosts)

We pitched the idea of showcasing these local legends through a series of vignettes to Tourism Victoria, who loves to promote the city’s shoulder season events and offerings to visitors. Then, once the plan was in motion, we sweet talked a handful of our friends, including our Sales Manager Owen, and Ghostly Walks founder John Adams into donning historical costumes and haunting some local ghostly landmarks. They included Beacon Hill Park, Bastion Square, Ross Bay Cemetery, Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site and St. Ann’s Academy. You can read about the story behind each ghostly sighting that has happened at these spooky locations here.

Using Adobe After Effects, we layered scenic shots without our actor underneath the same scene with our actor in place to create the ghostly effect, and took the time to create some classic Halloween animations for an added touch. We wanted to keep each vignette short, as they were used as pre-roll ads for Tourism Victoria, and we know that statistically, you only have 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention – often less.

It was a lot of fun and we only hope to continue our work putting a new spin on classic holiday celebrations!