Victoria Harbour Ferry

Gorge Tour




  • BUDGET: $2,000 - $2,500

We first connected with the team at Victoria Harbour Ferry in the summer of 2016, when they were searching for a way to showcase their new fleet of all-electric boats. The vessels were set to travel up and down the Gorge Waterway, offering tours to visitors and locals from across the region – so it seemed natural to us to create a video that would highlight both the tour and the boats themselves.

With no shortage of beautiful summer weather to work with, we shot this piece on back-to-back evenings during that amazing golden hour light. Once on board, we fitted our captain with a lavalier microphone to convey the true experience of being on board a tour. Then our team split up, one with camera operator on board and the other capturing the journey from the shoreline. With a mix of urban working waterways and secluded natural channels, the Gorge is truly a feast for the eyes (and the lens).

Once we were satisfied with the key pieces of the shoot, we set up at the turnaround point of the tour (near the Tillicum Narrows) to shoot some drone footage. As always, we were in close communication with the Harbour Control Tower and NavCanada staff to ensure our operation would not interfere with float plane arrivals just a short distance away.

Once complete, the video was an intimate perspective of the trip from start to finish, offering an authentic preview of the experience you’ll receive with Victoria Harbour Ferry Gorge Tour – including the oh-so-silent electric motor!