Tally-Ho Carriage Tours

Hidden Acres Farm Feature

For the farm feature, it was an early shoot to catch that first golden light of day and the Tally Ho horses’ morning routine. We were there to capture their typical day - frolicking with their friends, eating their breakfast, while those who were designated to the morning tour shift got groomed and ready to go. Those who stayed behind often had time for some training which was both fascinating and entertaining to see.

As horse and carriage tours can sometimes be a controversial subject, one point that we wanted to make clear with this video was how well these animals are cared for, and as Kate puts it, their need to work to stay healthy both mentally as well as physically. It was easy to portray this message, for you could clearly see each horse’s personality shining through each day - including one sassy mare who loudly kicked the wooden fence until her breakfast was served.

We loved getting to know the team - both human and horse - at Tally-Ho, and encourage you to head down to the corner of Belleville and Menzies to meet them yourself!





  • BUDGET: $4,500 - $5,500


When you first meet Tim Mah, you can’t help but notice his infectious energy and passion for dance. The Vancouver-based founder of DanzKool connected with our team to create a video that would reveal the Dare-2-Dance program to the world (and potential funders).

Over the past  few years, this program has taken dancing of all varieties (ballroom, swing, salsa) into school as an alternative to traditional PE classes. Tim and his team bring live musicians into the gymnasium and work with students of all ages and all abilities to demonstrate the physical and mental benefits of movement.

The big hurdle for us was seeking permission for dozens of students and parents to shoot the training and performances – but thankfully the staff at Sir James Douglas Elementary school are tremendous supporters of the program, and helped with the extra legwork to make the project happen.

Capturing the excitement and enthusiasm on the kids’ faces was the key piece of the shoot, and we used our gimbal stabilizer to add even more movement to each shot. Along with capturing interview testimonials from the kids, we recorded the live musical performance to use as an audio bed for the final edit.

Once all arranged in the edit suite, we have a video that outlines all of the benefits this program has to offer, and shows the joy instilled in the students who are lucky enough to Dare-2-Dance.

Victoria Harbour Ferry

Gorge Tour

We first connected with the team at Victoria Harbour Ferry in the summer of 2016, when they were searching for a way to showcase their new fleet of all-electric boats. The vessels were set to travel up and down the Gorge Waterway, offering tours to visitors and locals from across the region – so it seemed natural to us to create a video that would highlight both the tour and the boats themselves.

With no shortage of beautiful summer weather to work with, we shot this piece on back-to-back evenings during that amazing golden hour light. Once on board, we fitted our captain with a lavalier microphone to convey the true experience of being on board a tour. Then our team split up, one with camera operator on board and the other capturing the journey from the shoreline. With a mix of urban working waterways and secluded natural channels, the Gorge is truly a feast for the eyes (and the lens).

Once we were satisfied with the key pieces of the shoot, we set up at the turnaround point of the tour (near the Tillicum Narrows) to shoot some drone footage. As always, we were in close communication with the Harbour Control Tower and NavCanada staff to ensure our operation would not interfere with float plane arrivals just a short distance away.

Once complete, the video was an intimate perspective of the trip from start to finish, offering an authentic preview of the experience you’ll receive with Victoria Harbour Ferry Gorge Tour – including the oh-so-silent electric motor!

Bear Mountain Resort

Guardians of the Green

  • CLIENT: Bear Mountain Resort



  • BUDGET: $4,500 - $5,500

With a new golf season about to tee off, the brass at Bear Mountain Resort reached out to us with hopes of creating a promotional video that was a little different from your usual fare. Most of us are used to seeing the perfect polished greens and laser-cut fairways on Bear Mountain’s pair of Jack Nicklaus golf courses, but a rare few know how they get that way. For this campaign, we decided to go behind the scenes with the grounds crew, who we dubbed the ‘Guardians of the Green.’

We set out with a plan to shoot three mornings at the resort, featuring course superintendent Chris Ainey as our central figure. The first morning we arrived more than an hour before sunrise to scout our locations and capture interviews with Chris and a couple of long-time members, setting the stage for a busy day two.

With the perfect early morning light on our side, the second day consisted of shadowing the grounds crew right from the morning meeting to the cutting, trimming, rolling, blowing and mowing that fills their day. It’s no easy task  to cover more than 500 acres and 36 holes each day, and our team was definitely on the move to get everything we needed before golfers set out onto the course.

Day three was our opportunity to collect the jaw-dropping aerial drone shots that accentuate this video. As we moved from hole to hole, we also took the chance to capture the wildlife and more scenic elements of the course, including the stunning sunrise shot that opens the final video.

Once back at the studio, our editors crafted the story of a day tending to the courses and utilized some great footage from our colleague Dave Wallace at Riptide Studios to help showcase the PGA Champions Tour stop at Bear Mountain, the Pacific Links Championship.

We’re thrilled with the final result on this project, and hope that next time you have the chance to play a round you’ll take a moment to thank the team that keeps the course looking so stellar.

Parkland Secondary School

School Showcase

  • CLIENT: parkland secondary



  • BUDGET: $2,500 - $3,000

It's rare that we have the opportunity to work with Greater Victoria's public school system, but the staff at Parkland Secondary in North Saanich reached out to us to help showcase all the options they offer, including the new International Baccalaureate program, as part of a campaign to boost enrollment. 

We quickly elected to use students and staff as the voice of the video, describing all of the elements that make Parkland unique. With such a wide variety of activities and clubs to choose from, the challenge was deciding what to include in our two minute window of opportunity. From a dynamic drama program to athletics such as hockey, judo and sailing academies - getting good visual elements was never going to be a problem at Parkland. 

Over the course of two weeks we made a number of trips to the campus, shooting the bits and pieces that would eventually form the structure of our video. With the help of the NavCanada crew at Victoria Internationl Airport, we were also able to include some stunning drone aerials of the school and nearby Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club.

But the final shot of the video was the most challenging of all... at least, mentally. It meant scaling an enormous wooden ladder to rig our camera to the cable raceway above the school's lobby. Once our equipment was secured in place, we set the camera to take a timelapse image every 5 seconds over the course of an hour, capturing students as they filed out of class at the end of the day.

With the school logo front and centre for the closing image of the video, our project was complete - an upbeat look at all of the elements that make Parkland one of Victoria's hidden gems.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Victoria

Raising the Grade

  • CLIENT: Boys & Girls Club



  • BUDGET: $1,000 - $1,500

We have a soft spot for programs that work hard to help kids, and so when our friend Tyler Olson of the Boys and Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria asked if we could produce a video promoting their Raising the Grade program, we didn't hesitate to get involved and we were happy that they would have us.

The Raising the Grade program is an after-school education program for Youth in Grades 6 to 12 that runs out of the Kaare Norgaard Boys and Girls Club located in Central Saanich. This interactive program allows youth to get homework help, meet new people, and explore options for their future. We also produced a message from BC NDP Leader John Horgan, who used to work at BGCVIC, below.

Our aim was to showcase how beneficial this program is for youth so that they could receive the funds necessary to keep it going. The video, which features a variety of kids and staff impacted by this program, was unveiled at the 2017 Mad Hatter's Ball which was one of the best fundraisers we've ever attended and would strongly encourage everyone to come out next year.

Amanda and friends Tara-Lee and Andrea at the ball!

Amanda and friends Tara-Lee and Andrea at the ball!


Curling Commercial




  • BUDGET: $1,000 - $1,500

You will often hear in our studio, "it's hard to pull off 'funny'" in reference to scripting a video. It's even more difficult when you'd like the piece to be lighthearted, but the television broadcaster airing the commercial has a strict "no-humour" policy. Sounds strange, but it's true, as well as a myriad of other restrictions to boot.

Turns out, the humour didn't have to be scripted for our curling-themed promo with Used.ca - the laughs came naturally with our actor Shawn who was getting onto the ice sheet for the first time. And you can't argue that the man's ability was scripted that way - that's just how he curled, and luckily the broadcasters let it slide (pun intended). This project was also a good exercise in collaboration every step of the way.

We had a lot of fun on this quick and easy shoot and look forward to more projects with Used.ca in the future.


Inn at Laurel Point

Hotel Overview




  • BUDGET: $2,500 - $4,000

If you're looking to truly experience Victoria, the Inn at Laurel Point is hard to be. Located in the provincial capital's Inner Harbour, its views, service, and offerings are unbeatable. Which made it easy to do our job!

When filming such a lovely property, there are countless areas to capture and only so many hours to get them - so it was essential to make the process as fluid as possible by working with professionals. This was a rare shoot where we utilized paid actors, and it showed  Katherine Slingsby and Lance Burrows were top notch.... not to say that our friends and clients have done a sub-par job in the past! ;)

Our concept was a day-in-the-life, which made for the perfect chance to shoot a sunrise time-lapse with our Kessler Second Shooter. It definitely took some early alarm clocks and perseverance to wait for that perfect morning light - but the sun glinting off the harbourfront windows made for the perfect opening sequence.

Thanks to some drone shots of the Inn from earlier in the year, and a few kitchen scenes with the hotel's renowned Chef Ito, we were able to give visitors an inside-out look at one of the city's top properties. The hotel's sales and marketing team are always coming up with creative concepts and we look forward to teaming up with them on many projects to come!