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Video Production

  • What do I need to have before producing my video?

    At minimum, what you need is a desire to launch a creative new marketing tool for your business or event. If you have an idea of what you’d like to see in your video, great! We’ll work with you to bring that vision to life. If not, no problem: part of our pre-production process is brainstorming a concept and scripting a story that represents you and your brand.

  • How long does the production process take?

    It largely depends on the scope of the project, but we pride ourselves on having some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Typically, from the first meeting to a finished product, the process takes between 10 to 12 weeks, but we’ve done everything from same-day edits to year-long productions.

  • Can you use some of my pre-existing footage?

    It depends on the quality of the footage, but yes, if it is 720p or higher and shot professionally we can usually integrate your content (should it also align with the overarching story of the video). We can also leverage photos and animations to make the most of your idea.

  • Do I get the raw footage?

    It is our company policy to not release raw footage to the client (it’s part of how we keep the cost of the finished product affordable). However, we store all raw footage in our archive for at least two years, so it’s always accessible if you’d like to develop a new project or adjust the original. Should you be interested in repurposing some of the raw footage, we are also able to provide it as stock clips: $6/second for HD footage, $8/second for 4K footage, and $12/second for drone aerials.

  • Do you provide revisions?

    Yes, we do. With each project, our rate structure includes two additional edits after our first draft is delivered to you for review, ensuring that we fine tune your video to your liking without increasing the overall cost of the video.

  • Can I use any song for my business video?

    Music used in your project must be in accordance with international copyright laws, so we often handle finding a piece of music as a part of our editing process. Striving to ensure that the music will be a perfect fit for the tone and goal of your production, we generally present our clients with a few options to choose from early in the edit process. We use a library of websites that license royalty-free tracks for commercial use, and the cost of a standard track is already included in our edit rate!

  • How long should my video be?

    In the realm of social media and in a time of shrinking attention spans, we find the sweet spot is between 30 to 90 seconds for most promotional videos, but we also swear by the old standard of ‘content is king’. If it takes four or five minutes to tell your story effectively, that’s what we’ll recommend—and there’s always the option to create custom clips out of a longer production to target specific audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • How will people find my video online?

    Our videos are produced with online audiences in mind, and are usually posted to websites and shared across social media platforms. If you’d like to give your post a boost and increase your views by the thousands, we recommend digital marketing services to our clients.

  • How much am I going to spend to get a video produced?

    Each of our projects is custom-produced and custom-quoted, so we can’t give you a solid number until we learn a bit more about your idea. That said, take a scroll through our portfolio and you’ll find that each of our client pages offer an approximate figure of what the project cost, which should give you an idea of where your concept might land. We’re confident we can always find a solution for whatever budget you’re working with, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!


  • How does live streaming work?

    The live streaming service that we offer works much like live television, but we generally send our streams to an online service rather than to a traditional broadcast network. The video from our cameras gets sent through a custom-built live stream system, then directly onto any service that supports live video like YouTube, Facebook, or private streaming services.

  • How will live streaming help my brand?

    You can make use of live streams to engage with your audience directly, in real-time. Obviously, this is useful for sports or concerts for viewers who are unable to watch in person, but it’s also a great opportunity for engagement with educational programs, conferences, or live experiences. When you stream live you open up the opportunities for questions from the audience or live feedback for presenters.

  • Will the live stream disappear after it’s done?

    In short, no. If you are streaming on services such as Facebook or YouTube the stream will be saved as a regular video on the platform for viewers to watch in the future, and the audience can even see the live comments that came in during the stream. We can also record the entire show for you in high quality if you want to save a copy for your own records.

  • How much will it cost to stream my event?

    We create a custom quote for each project, but you can find some examples of budgets listed on our Live Streaming page.

  • What happens if something messes up during my stream?

    If you’ve watched enough live TV, you know that some minor bumps in the road are inevitable. Our team has years of experience broadcasting events and can react to challenges quite quickly. If something unexpected happens during your event, we’ll always work to remedy the issue as quickly as possible, and if there are any technical issues on our end, we’ll work with you to ensure that you are happy with the service we provide.

  • Can I include graphics and music in my stream?

    Depending on the budget for the project, our broadcast department will create custom graphics for the stream that will help you showcase sponsors, relay key information, or display live data for your audience (like a score update or live questions). We can also provide licensed, copyright-free music to integrate into different parts of your show.

  • Can I stream from anywhere?

    We have completed live broadcasts in some pretty unique places, and we pride ourselves in being able to find solutions for our clients to stream no matter where their event takes place. We’ve even produced a live show from a boat on the Pacific ocean! We make use of cameras connected by cellular and wireless technology, which means that we can stream live video from anywhere in the world with a cellular internet connection.

  • Will the video feed in my stream be high quality?

    We typically produce our events in 1080p HD, which is the standard for most screens and live streaming services, but we do have 4K production options available. Our cameras are high quality and specifically built for optimizing broadcast quality. If you want to see some examples of our streams, check out our Live Streaming portfolio.


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