From business promotions to event coverage and documentary features, our team is knowledgeable and adaptable - which means your video will always convey your story in the best way possible. Here's a glimpse into how most of our videos come to fruition.


Our  process always begins with the end goal, and we reverse engineer each concept to best suit your target audience. Whether it's your idea, our vision, or a combination of the two - the first step is finding a creative way to showcase your brand. From there our team begins scripting the words and images that will take a viewer through the story,  and carefully selects the locations and equipment required to capture each scene effectively. Once all of the elements are aligned, we move into the busiest phase of the project.


Our cameras and crew have been called to nearly every environment the west coast has to offer, and that's all part of the fun in this stage. This is where we use our professional camera & audio equipment to capture the sights and sounds that make your story unique. Our team takes the time to ensure both you and your brand look good on camera - and whether the scene requires a drone, gimbal or slider (or just a simple tripod will do), we have the tools and expertise to get the shot. 


The final step in the process is where the script, video and audio all come together to create the story we set out to tell. Our editors pull from a diverse library of music to match the mood of your video, and will integrate animations, colour grades and special effects to drive the message home. From 4K footage destined for a television audience or beautiful HD aimed at smartphones and tablets, rely on our years of experience to craft a final product that will wow your customers time and time again.


Never again will your video investment get lost in the shuffle of online content. Our team understands the complexities of placing your content on the timelines and feeds of potential customers, and will develop a custom plan to engage the audience you're looking for. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - we manage your sponsored posts from start to finish, ensuring you get the results that will keep your brand top of mind with customers on the web.

If you're interested in learning more about our services, or want information on rates - please CONTACT us and we'll get back to you right away!